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Conversion Tonnes - Pounds

Conversor de Pounds to Tonnes

The unit of measurement of tonnes is one of the largest units and so is rarely used in everyday situations, unlike the pound that can be used for most medium-weighted objects. View our other weight converters for more conversions.

How to Convert from t to lb?

If you would like to find out how many poundss equal a certain number of tonnes, then enter the quanitity in the box and click ¨convert¨ for an accurate and quick calculation. To work the other way, use our unit converter to convert pounds to tonnes.

Measurements in Tonnes

Although it can also be used as a colloquial term, tonnes are a unit of mass principally used to measure heavy objects such as cars or large quantities of garbage for example. Britain and America often use separate names to classify their use of this unit of measurement.

Measurements in Pounds

Similar to kilograms, pounds are used to measure things that can be lifted by people. Usually it is used to measure body weight and animals, but can sometimes be used as a unit of weight for food.

How many is 1 Tonne in Pounds?

1 Tonne equals 2204.62 Pounds (1t = 2204.62lb)

How many are 2 Tonnes in Pounds?

2 Tonnes equal 4409.24 Pounds (2t = 4409.24lb)

How many are 3 Tonnes in Pounds?

3 Tonnes equal 6613.86 Pounds (3t = 6613.86lb)

How many are 4 Tonnes in Pounds?

4 Tonnes equal 8818.48 Pounds (4t = 8818.48lb)

How many are 5 Tonnes in Pounds?

5 Tonnes equal 11023.1 Pounds (5t = 11023.1lb)

How many are 10 Tonnes in Pounds?

10 Tonnes equal 22046.2 Pounds (10t = 22046.2lb)

How many are 15 Tonnes in Pounds?

15 Tonnes equal 33069.3 Pounds (15t = 33069.3lb)

How many are 20 Tonnes in Pounds?

20 Tonnes equal 44092.4 Pounds (20t = 44092.4lb)

How many are 25 Tonnes in Pounds?

25 Tonnes equal 55115.5 Pounds (25t = 55115.5lb)

How many are 30 Tonnes in Pounds?

30 Tonnes equal 66138.6 Pounds (30t = 66138.6lb)

How many are 50 Tonnes in Pounds?

50 Tonnes equal 110231 Pounds (50t = 110231lb)

How many are 100 Tonnes in Pounds?

100 Tonnes equal 220462 Pounds (100t = 220462lb)

How many are 200 Tonnes in Pounds?

200 Tonnes equal 440924 Pounds (200t = 440924lb)

How many are 500 Tonnes in Pounds?

500 Tonnes equal 1102310 Pounds (500t = 1102310lb)

How many are 1000 Tonnes in Pounds?

1000 Tonnes equal 2204620 Pounds (1000t = 2204620lb)
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