Convert Stones to Pounds

If you want to work out the difference between stones and pounds, use our simple weight converter for any quantity that you need to change! Click here now!

Conversion Stones - Pounds

Conversor de Pounds to Stones

Pounds and stones are both units of mass that are commonly used to measure heavier masses such as body weight and objects. This weight converter will help you easily move between st to lb and is only one of our many weight converters. Use our stone to pound converter for any conversion needs.

How to Convert st to lb?

In the box above, enter the quantity of stones you would like to change into pounds and click the ¨convert¨ button for the accurate amount in pounds to appear. For the opposite conversion, take a look at our convert pounds to stones. This st to lb conversion is accurate and easy to use.

Formula to Convert from Stones – Pounds

The conversion formula between these two measurements of mass is st / 0.0714 = st which is the same accuracy used by our st – lb calculator. For instance, 2st = 28.01lb and 15st = 210.08lb.

Measurements in Stones

Stones are commonly used to measure human weight in Great Britain but are sometimes also used in trade. It is a unit of mass from the imperial system that is applied to heavier objects. To see how many stones are equal to pounds, enter quantities in the stone – pound converter.

Measurements in Pounds

Similar to kilograms, pounds are used to measure things that can be lifted by people. Usually it is used to measure body weight and animals, but can sometimes be used as a unit of weight for food. Above is our stone to pound calculator you can use to change units.

How many is 1 Stone in Pounds?

1 Stone equals 14 Pounds (1st = 14lb)

How many are 2 Stones in Pounds?

2 Stones equal 28 Pounds (2st = 28lb)

How many are 3 Stones in Pounds?

3 Stones equal 42 Pounds (3st = 42lb)

How many are 4 Stones in Pounds?

4 Stones equal 56 Pounds (4st = 56lb)

How many are 5 Stones in Pounds?

5 Stones equal 70 Pounds (5st = 70lb)

How many are 10 Stones in Pounds?

10 Stones equal 140 Pounds (10st = 140lb)

How many are 15 Stones in Pounds?

15 Stones equal 210 Pounds (15st = 210lb)

How many are 20 Stones in Pounds?

20 Stones equal 280 Pounds (20st = 280lb)

How many are 25 Stones in Pounds?

25 Stones equal 350 Pounds (25st = 350lb)

How many are 30 Stones in Pounds?

30 Stones equal 420 Pounds (30st = 420lb)

How many are 50 Stones in Pounds?

50 Stones equal 700 Pounds (50st = 700lb)

How many are 100 Stones in Pounds?

100 Stones equal 1400 Pounds (100st = 1400lb)

How many are 200 Stones in Pounds?

200 Stones equal 2800 Pounds (200st = 2800lb)

How many are 500 Stones in Pounds?

500 Stones equal 7000 Pounds (500st = 7000lb)

How many are 1000 Stones in Pounds?

1000 Stones equal 14000 Pounds (1000st = 14000lb)
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