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Want to change from a volume in litres to pints? Use this litres to pints converter to help with any calculation you need. Many more volume converters here!

Conversion Litres - Pints

Conversor de Pints to Litres

Litres and pints are most commonly used for measuring volume quantities of drinks. They are both used in the imperial system and American system of volume units. The unit of litres is found on many drink packaging information labels while the unit of pint is used more frequently when pouring drinks, mainly beer, in bars and restaurants. Pints are used on labels for drinks in the United States more than litres. Use our litre – pint converter for your calculations, with many more volume converters available.

How to use the Converter from Litres to Pints?

If you wish to convert litres to pints, enter the quantity of litres you need to change in the box above and click “convert” to be given a new quantity in pints. To work the other way, use our conversion tool to convert pints to litres.

Formula to Convert L – Pt

You can see below that we have given the mathematical formula for this litres – pints conversion if you need to know how it is done or so you can do the volume calculation yourself. As some examples, 7 L = 14.8 pt and 33 L = 69.7 pt

[number of] litres x 2.11338 = [number of] pints

Uses for Litres

The volume unit of litres is easy to find for everyday capacities. For example, in the shops you will find drinks such as water and juices measured in bottles of litres. Litres derived from the French metric system and the unit of litrons. One litre is the capacity for a cube with sides of 10cm. Above is our litre to pint calculator.

Uses for Pints

Pints are famously known in Europe for measuring volumes of beers and ales. Originating from the word to signify the line painted on an ale glass, it is now colloquially used when ordering drinks in a restaurant or in bars. Try out our L – pt volume converter if you need to change between the two units.

How many is 1 Litre in Pints?

1 Litre equals 2.11 Pints (1L = 2.11pt)

How many are 2 Litres in Pints?

2 Litres equal 4.23 Pints (2L = 4.23pt)

How many are 3 Litres in Pints?

3 Litres equal 6.34 Pints (3L = 6.34pt)

How many are 4 Litres in Pints?

4 Litres equal 8.45 Pints (4L = 8.45pt)

How many are 5 Litres in Pints?

5 Litres equal 10.57 Pints (5L = 10.57pt)

How many are 10 Litres in Pints?

10 Litres equal 21.13 Pints (10L = 21.13pt)

How many are 15 Litres in Pints?

15 Litres equal 31.7 Pints (15L = 31.7pt)

How many are 20 Litres in Pints?

20 Litres equal 42.27 Pints (20L = 42.27pt)

How many are 25 Litres in Pints?

25 Litres equal 52.83 Pints (25L = 52.83pt)

How many are 30 Litres in Pints?

30 Litres equal 63.4 Pints (30L = 63.4pt)

How many are 50 Litres in Pints?

50 Litres equal 105.67 Pints (50L = 105.67pt)

How many are 100 Litres in Pints?

100 Litres equal 211.34 Pints (100L = 211.34pt)

How many are 200 Litres in Pints?

200 Litres equal 422.68 Pints (200L = 422.68pt)

How many are 500 Litres in Pints?

500 Litres equal 1056.69 Pints (500L = 1056.69pt)

How many are 1000 Litres in Pints?

1000 Litres equal 2113.38 Pints (1000L = 2113.38pt)
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