Convert Celsius to Kelvin

Changing from degrees Celsius to units of Kelvin? This is the perfect temperature converter to help with your calculations. It’s easy and accurate to use!

Convert Celsius to Kelvin


The units of temperature known as kelvin and Celsius differ in a few aspects. The unit of kelvin came from the field of thermodynamics where absolute zero on the Kelvin scale signifies the end of all thermal motion. Unlike kelvin units, Celsius is used more commercially as well as in the scientific field. Try out our °C – K temperature converter above or view the rest of our temperature converters.

How to use the Converter for Celsius to Kelvin?

In the box above, enter into our Celsius – kelvin converter the amount of degrees Celsius that you want to change and click “convert” to be a given a new sum of temperature in units of kelvin. To work the other way around, convert kelvin to Celsius.

Formula to Convert °C – K

The temperature conversion formula for the Celsius to kelvin conversion is shown below if you need to do the calculation by hand or need to know the correct formula. For instance, 24°C = 297.15K while 12°C = 285.15K

[number of] °C + 273.15 = [number of] K

When to use Celsius?

Degrees Celsius is the most common form of measuring temperature and was formerly known as degrees centigrade. The temperature scale is used for thermometers and on the news when telling the weather. The name Celsius comes from the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius who discovered a temperature scale where 0 signified boiling water and 100 freezing water. Use our Celsius to kelvin calculator above.

When to use Kelvin?

The Glaswegian engineer and physicist, William Thomson, wrote about an absolute thermometric scale and this is how the Kelvin scale was born. The kelvin is not a type of degree, such as Celsius or Fahrenheit, but instead is a unit of measurement. Above you will be able to convert °c to k.

How many is 1 Celsius degrees in Kelvin degrees?

1 Celsius degrees equals 274.15 Kelvin degrees (1°C = 274.15K)

How many are 2 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

2 Celsius degrees equal 275.15 Kelvin degrees (2°C = 275.15K)

How many are 3 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

3 Celsius degrees equal 276.15 Kelvin degrees (3°C = 276.15K)

How many are 4 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

4 Celsius degrees equal 277.15 Kelvin degrees (4°C = 277.15K)

How many are 5 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

5 Celsius degrees equal 278.15 Kelvin degrees (5°C = 278.15K)

How many are 10 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

10 Celsius degrees equal 283.15 Kelvin degrees (10°C = 283.15K)

How many are 15 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

15 Celsius degrees equal 288.15 Kelvin degrees (15°C = 288.15K)

How many are 20 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

20 Celsius degrees equal 293.15 Kelvin degrees (20°C = 293.15K)

How many are 25 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

25 Celsius degrees equal 298.15 Kelvin degrees (25°C = 298.15K)

How many are 30 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

30 Celsius degrees equal 303.15 Kelvin degrees (30°C = 303.15K)

How many are 50 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

50 Celsius degrees equal 323.15 Kelvin degrees (50°C = 323.15K)

How many are 100 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

100 Celsius degrees equal 373.15 Kelvin degrees (100°C = 373.15K)

How many are 200 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

200 Celsius degrees equal 473.15 Kelvin degrees (200°C = 473.15K)

How many are 500 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

500 Celsius degrees equal 773.15 Kelvin degrees (500°C = 773.15K)

How many are 1000 Celsius degrees en Kelvin degrees?

1000 Celsius degrees equal 1273.15 Kelvin degrees (1000°C = 1273.15K)
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