Convert Hectares to Acres

Measuring large areas of land? Use this simple hectares to acres converter for an accurate calculation and change in units. Many more area converters here.

Conversion Hectares - Acres

Conversor de Acres to Hectares

As two large measurements of area, the hectare and the acre are used mainly when it comes to calculating the area of land. Both are seen as helpful units for a huge amount of area such as land owned for agriculture and industrialisation. The acre is commonly used throughout the world although the hectare is given different names and equivalents in different countries. View some of our other area converters.

How to use the Converter for Hectares to Acres?

Enter the amount of hectares you wish to change in the box above of the hectare to acre calculator and click “convert” for a new quantity to appear in acres. If you are trying to convert the other way, use our tool to convert acres to hectares.

Formula to Convert Hectares – Acres

Below you will find the mathematical formula used by our hectare – acre converter which is a formula you can use to do the calculation yourself if you need. For instance, 5 hectares = 12.36 acres and 0.75 hectares = 1.85 acres

[number of] hectares x 2.47105 = [number of] acres

Unit of Hectares

Despite being excluded from the Internation System of Units, the hectare is still used in many official circumstances, such as the measurement of area included in land deeds or construction planning. Similar to the acre, it is commonly used for calculating areas of land. Above is our ha – ac conversion tool to help with calculations.

Unit of Acres

The unit of area known as acres is one of the largest measurements used mostly when it comes to measuring land. An American football field is said to almost be one acre in size. The Middle Ages introduced us to the acre to calculate the amount of land that could be ploughed in one day. Use this hectares to acres calculator above for any conversion.

How many is 1 Hectare in Acres?

1 Hectare equals 2.47 Acres (1ha = 2.47ac)

How many are 2 Hectares in Acres?

2 Hectares equal 4.94 Acres (2ha = 4.94ac)

How many are 3 Hectares in Acres?

3 Hectares equal 7.41 Acres (3ha = 7.41ac)

How many are 4 Hectares in Acres?

4 Hectares equal 9.88 Acres (4ha = 9.88ac)

How many are 5 Hectares in Acres?

5 Hectares equal 12.36 Acres (5ha = 12.36ac)

How many are 10 Hectares in Acres?

10 Hectares equal 24.71 Acres (10ha = 24.71ac)

How many are 15 Hectares in Acres?

15 Hectares equal 37.07 Acres (15ha = 37.07ac)

How many are 20 Hectares in Acres?

20 Hectares equal 49.42 Acres (20ha = 49.42ac)

How many are 25 Hectares in Acres?

25 Hectares equal 61.78 Acres (25ha = 61.78ac)

How many are 30 Hectares in Acres?

30 Hectares equal 74.13 Acres (30ha = 74.13ac)

How many are 50 Hectares in Acres?

50 Hectares equal 123.55 Acres (50ha = 123.55ac)

How many are 100 Hectares in Acres?

100 Hectares equal 247.11 Acres (100ha = 247.11ac)

How many are 200 Hectares in Acres?

200 Hectares equal 494.21 Acres (200ha = 494.21ac)

How many are 500 Hectares in Acres?

500 Hectares equal 1235.53 Acres (500ha = 1235.53ac)

How many are 1000 Hectares in Acres?

1000 Hectares equal 2471.05 Acres (1000ha = 2471.05ac)
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